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The Yale Corporation is the governing board and policy-making body for Yale University. Compared to the governing boards of other educational institutions, the Yale Corporation is small and plays an unusually active role in University governance. The Yale Corporation has nineteen members: the President of the University, who chairs the Corporation; ten Successor Trustees, who elect their own successors for up to two six-year terms; six Alumni Fellows, who are elected by the alumni for staggered six-year terms; and the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of the State of Connecticut, ex officio. The Senior Fellow of the Corporation presides over the body in the President’s absence. The Corporation meets at least five times during the year and occasionally in special session. It has twelve standing committees that also meet regularly throughout the year. The Corporation’s first meeting of the academic year is a Strategic Planning Retreat, which usually occurs in late September or early October. The final meeting of the academic year includes an annual review of the President and Officers by the Fellows. One of the five annual meetings is focused on a special topic that permits an in-depth review and study of an important area or issue. For example, the arts at Yale were the focus for one recent session, and plans for new residential colleges were the topic for another.

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