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During the spring term of 2004 and the 2004 – 2005 academic year, MAC met with students, faculty, and administrators, held two undergraduate and one graduate and professional “open forums,” discussed and evaluated information obtained, and identified three issues for further study.  Subcommittees were formed to gather materials and develop proposals.  Those proposals were reviewed and approved by MAC and submitted to President Levin in an August 2005 report.  When he met with the Council in October 2005, President Levin encouraged the group to continue working on its recommendations concerning diversity, grievance procedures, and mentoring and fundraising.  The project to create a user-friendly Grievance Procedure Web site is nearly complete.
During 2005 - 2006, the Council met with personnel related to the issues outlined above.  At its January 2006 meeting, for example, the Council met with the Chief of the Yale University Police, the Deputy Provost for Science, Technology and Faculty Development, and the Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer.   In mid-April, the undergraduate, graduate, and professional student members of MAC organized an Open Forum, which allowed students to air their views on numerous topics.  Of special student interest is the need for racial dialogues on campus and sensitivity training among students, as well as with administrators and faculty.



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