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Members 2006 – 2007

  • Drew S. Days III, Alfred M. Rankin Professor of Law: CHAIR
  • Liza Cariaga-Lo, Asst. Dean of Diversity at the Graduate School, and Asst. Clinical Professor at the Child Study Center
  • Malcolm K. Darrell DRA’07 (GPSS)
  • Saveena Dhall, Asst. Dean of Yale College, Director of Asian American Cultural Center
  • Mayra L. Garcia GRD’11 (Pharmacology) (GSA)
  • Zahreen Ghaznavi JE’08 (undergraduate)
  • Nina M. Glickson, Assistant to the President (ex-officio)
  • Shrupti Gupta DC'08 (undergraduate)
  • René N. Herbert EPH’07 (GPSS)
  • Marisa Landin BR’08 (undergraduate)
  • T.P. Ma, Raymond John Wean Professor and Chairman of Electrical Engineering and Professor of Applied Physics
  • Molly Martinez GRD’08 (Sociology) (special representative to grievance web site committee)
  • Nelia Padilla SOM’07 (GPSS)
  • Stephen Pitti, Professor of History and American Studies; Director of Ethnicity, Race and Migration
  • Sandy Placido ES’08 (undergraduate) [on term abroad Spring 2007]
  • Glenn C. Rowe GRD’07 (MCDB) (GPSS)
  • Robert J. Sanchez SY’08 (undergraduate)
  • Olufunmilayo Showole SM’08 (undergraduate)
  • Frederick J. Streets, University Chaplain
  • Lauren Thompson, Woodbridge Fellow
  • Betty Trachtenberg, Associate Dean of Yale College, Dean of Student Affairs


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