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Databases of Federally Funded Research
(current & past)

NSF Award Search

Another tool that can be useful in your search for funding is to find out about research that has been supported in the past, comparing what has been funded to that for which you are seeking funds. The NIH RePORTER, which replaces the CRISP Database, provides information on current and past awards from 1972 through the current cycle of awards. This database can be accessed by a keyword, PI name, date, and a variety of other parameters. The database includes an abstract for each award, publications, the name of the study section that reviewed the award, etc.

A similar search on past funding can be accomplished through the National Science Foundation's Award Search tool. Tthis tool will allow you to search on a variety of parameters for past awards made by the National Science Foundation.

In addition, if you contact our office, we will gladly conduct a search of the database archive of grants announcements made in the Chronicle of Higher Education.


Last update: June 28, 2011 (MS)