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Getting started:
Download the required software.
Train "hands-on" or virtually.
Read the SF 424 Guide (12/8/08 ver.)

Find and Apply:
Download the specific Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) and save it to your computer.
Overwrite the prior version every time you change the application.
Save all attachments in non-editable PDF. Working with PDF files
Submit the application to your Business Office.
Provide the original ProSum and FOA copy to GCA.

Business Offices:
Submit each application to GCA using Yale's File Transfer Protocol.
GCA requires five (5) working days to review and submit each application.

PIs: watch eCommons for your application's progress.

*Grants.gov is the web-based portal for NIH and NSF funding. Grant applications will transition from paper to electronic through grants.gov. Check out the transition schedules for NIH and NSF.



Train hands-on and on campus through Yale TMS Training
Train on-line

Technical Support

ITS Help Desk 5-3200
Grants.gov Help Desk

Procedural Support

Department Business Office
Your Grant Reviewer YSM: 5-4689 | Central: 2-2460
Grants.gov Applicant User Guide


Last update: June 10, 2009 (MS)