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MTA Team, Grant & Contract Administration
Yale University

The Office of Grant and Contract Administration (GCA) reviews and processes all incoming MTAs, and outgoing MTAs from Yale to academic, governmental, and not-for-profit institutions. (To send Yale materials to a commerical entity, contact Yale's Office of Cooperative Research).

Please direct all inquiries to our email:


If you need additional information, please contact:

Vali Gazula, Ph.D., MBA
Material Transfer Agreement Manager
(203) 785-5905

Donald Wiggin
Material Transfer Agreement Manager
(203) 785-6313

U.S. Mail or Courier Service
MTA Team, Office of Grant & Contract Administration
Yale University


47 College Street, Suite 203
New Haven, CT 06520-3209 U.S.A.

U.S. Mail:

47 Colleget Street, P.O. Box 208047
New Haven, CT 0620-8047 U.S.A.

(203) 785-4689 main GCA number
(203) 785-4169 fax
email: MTAs@yale.edu
website URL: http://www.yale.edu/grants/mta/

Yale University campus mail
MTA Team
47 College Street, Suite 203


Last update: September 11, 2012 (TC)