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Do you want to receive materials? (Incoming MTA)

1. If you wish to receive research materials from an academic, non-profit, or commercial institution, contact that institution and request that they send a MTA to you. It is most convenient if they send the MTA by email, as a Microsoft Word document. If they request a research plan, mark your research plan "Confidential."

2. Once you have received the MTA, submit it to the GCA MTA Team as detailed below.

3. Fill out the MTA Questionnaire below to provide initial background information that we need to review and evaluate the terms of the MTA.

4. We will review the MTA and, if necessary, negotiate the terms with the provider. When the MTA terms are acceptable to Yale, we will ask you to read the MTA and to acknowledge your responsibilities and obligations. Yale's authorized signatory will sign the MTA, and we will send required versions of the MTA to the provider. When we have all required signatures ("fully executed"), we will email a PDF copy of the MTA to you for your files.


a) If you only have a paper copy: make a copy for your files, and send all originals plus any cover letter and other paperwork to our office. Alternately, you may fax (or email a scanned PDF to MTAs@yale.edu) one copy of the MTA, plus the provider's cover letter, to 203-785-4169, Attention MTA Team.

b) If you have a digital (electronic) copy: Forward the entire email, along with the MTA attachment, to MTAs@yale.edu. It is not necessary to print and sign the MTA until we contact you.

c) Also, please fill out the following form completely and click on "submit" at the end of the form:

Material(s) Requested:

Provider Institution & Address:

Provider Scientist (if known):

How will you submit the actual MTA to us (email, fax, delivered to our office)?  

When will you submit the MTA to us?

Yale Principal Investigator (Associate Research Scientist or higher rank)

  • Name:
  • Title:
  • Department:
  • Telephone:
  • E-mail:

Yale Contact (if different than PI)

  • Name:
  • Title:
  • Department:
  • Telephone:
  • E-mail:

  1. Please provide a detailed research plan describing your use of the requested material.
  2. Did you determine the research that will be performed? (Yes/No; if No, please explain)
  3. Will you determine the manner in which the research will be performed (for example, selection of the personnel to perform the research)? (Yes/No; if No, please explain)
  4. What funding will support the research in which this material will be used? Please provide NIH grant number and specific names of other sponsors.
  5. Will you be using the material with any other proprietary materials purchased or obtained from third parties, especially any material received via another MTA or subject to restrictions in use? Please describe.
  6. Please list the names and titles of everyone who will have access to the material. Are any of these people outside of your laboratory group, either at Yale or at another institution? If so, please explain.
  7. Do you anticipate any inventions or discoveries related to this research?
  8. Are you working with Yale's Office of Cooperative Research (OCR) on this area of research? Have you filed an invention disclosure with OCR related to this research? If so, please provide the disclosure number.
  9. Have you signed the acknowledgement of Yale University's Patent Policy? If you have not, or are not sure, please read the Patent Policy, located at http://www.yale.edu/ocr/pfg/policies/patents.html and print and sign the acknowledgement form, http://www.yale.edu/ocr/pfg/sample/ppaa_form.html. Submit the signed form to your department, and email or fax a copy to the MTA Team and to OCR.
  10. Will you modify the material, create derivatives or modifications, or in any way need to reverse engineer the material to determine the material’s structure or physical properties? If so, please describe.
  11. If you are receiving mice or other vertebrate animals, do you intend to cross-breed these animals? If so, to which strains will the animals be bred? From where were these other strains obtained?
  12. Are you receiving mice or other vertebrate animals, or will you use the material you receive in live vertebrate animals? (Yes/No) If yes, please provide the IACUC approved protocol number. If you are receiving a compound to be used in live vertebrate animals, what is the class of the compound (to verify IACUC congruency)?
  13. Are you receiving human material, or will you be using the material you receive in a study that requires HIC approval? (Yes/No) If yes, please provide the approved HIC protocol number, or provide us with a copy of the HIC letter of exemption by fax or email.
  14. Review the MTA for the allowed time of use, if any, for the material. Is the stated time sufficient for your research program? If not, provide a requested term of use.
      You are responsible for tracking the date of termination of the MTA, and for complying with any obligations related to termination, such as submission of a final report, return or destruction of the Materials, etc.


Last update: July 11, 2014 (MS)