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Research Administration - Publications

  • GCAlert! - The GCAlert! is a joint, subscription-based publication between the Offices of Grant and Contract Administration (GCA) and Grant and Contract Financial Administration (GCFA). It is intended to provide faculty and department administrators with one or two articles per issue on tips, tools and short-cuts related to proposal and award administration in a more timely and succinct manner. The GCAlert! will be published no more frequently than weekly. To subscribe or unsubscribe to this publication, you may visit: https://light.its.yale.edu/messages/its/subscription/
  • ORA Newsletter - The Office of Research Administration (ORA) provides focused responsibility for the University's systems and processes regarding research administration, accounting, and improved compliance programs. The ORA Newsletter provides up-to-date information on topics of interest to the Yale research community.


Research Administration - Membership Organizations

  • Council on Governmental Relations (COGR). COGR members work together to make certain that federal agencies understand academic operations and the impact of proposed regulations on colleges and universities. COGR helps to develop policies and practices that fairly reflect the mutual interests and separate obligations of federal agencies and universities in research and graduate education.
  • NCURA. The National Council of University Research Administrators homepage has information about upcoming conferences and workshops, plus useful links to Grants Office homepages at other universities, links to agency homepages, guidelines, forms, etc.
  • SRA. The Society of Research Administrators home page lists details about conferences, and provides links to agency home pages, federal regulations, etc.

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