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Scholarship Plan for Sons and Daughters of the Faculty and Staff of Yale University

Yale University maintains a partial college scholarship grant program for sons and daughters of eligible University staff and faculty. To qualify, both employee and child must satisfy certain criteria:

  • The student must be enrolled on a full-time basis in an accredited two-year or four-year undergraduate college and must be a candidate for an associate's or bachelor's degree.

  • At the time of matriculation for the covered term, a parent of the student must have been a full time employee during the entire six years preceding the date of application; or the four years preceding the date of application with an additional forty-eight months, whether or not continuous, prior to the preceding four years, for a total of eight years; or the parent must have been a retired, deceased, or totally disabled employee who at the time of retirement, death, or disability had been continuously employed full-time for the preceding six years. Staff employees who work a total of 35 hours or more will be considered full-time for the scholarship benefit. Faculty must maintain 100% appointment.

  • An employee shall be treated as continuing in full-time employment for the time during which employment is reduced by the University to no less than 80% of the full-time schedule (that is, to no less than 30 hours per week) or to 10 or 11 months per year (at 35 hours per week), provided the reduction becomes effective after February 1, 2009.

  • The amount of the scholarship is the lesser of one of the following:
  1. $15,200 per academic year ($7,600 per term)
  2. One-half the tuition and general fees: (tuition + general fees) x 50%
  3. Actual charges for tuition and general fees. "Actual charges" will be calculated as: (tuition - scholarships - grants + general fees). Loans and work study continue to not be considered in determining "actual charges."

    Example 1:
    Tuition ($10,000)
    + General Fees ($2,000)
    Total ($12,000) x 50%

    Scholarship Award: = $6,000 per term

    Example 2:
    Tuition ($10,000)
    - Scholarship ($8,000)
    + General Fees ($2,000)
    Total ($4,000)

    Scholarship Award: = $4,000 per term

    Example 3:
    Tuition ($15,000)
    - Scholarship ($7,500)
    + General Fees ($1,000)
    Total ($8,500)

    Scholarship Award: = $7,600 per term

    *This is the lesser amount of $8,500 per term (based on the formula above) and the maximum benefit of $7,600 per term.
  • Students are not eligible for scholarships for any semester that begins after they reach their 25th birthday.

  • No student may receive a scholarship grant for more than eight terms for a bachelor's degree or four terms for an associate's degree.

  • Effective with Fiscal Year 2010/11, applications for scholarship are available on June 1 and must be returned to the Employee Service Center. Applications are only required for first-time scholarship recipients; returning students should only submit an itemized tuition bill at the beginning of each term. Returning students who will be changing schools must also submit a School Transfer Form.

  • Forward completed application, supporting documentation including bills to the:
    Yale University Employee Service Center
    U.S. Mail: P.O. Box 208256, New Haven, CT 06520-8256
    Campus Mail: 221 Whitney Avenue,
    Employee Service Center
    E-mail: employee.services@yale.edu
    Fax: 203-432-5153

**This is a summary of the Child Scholarship Plan. For complete details, please click here to review the Scholarship Plan for Children of Faculty and Staff of Yale University.**

Revised: August 5, 2011