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Disability for Faculty Members


Faculty members with an appointment of half-time or more are automatically enrolled in the Long-Term Disability Base Plan at no cost to employees on base salaries up to $150,000.


Under the Base Plan, on the first of the month following 180 days (6-month elimination period) of total disability, faculty members are entitled to receive 60% of their base monthly earnings to a maximum of $7,500 minus any other payments received, such as Workers' Compensation or Social Security disability payments.

Faculty participating in Supplemental Disability Coverage (see below) have an additional maximum of $12,500 of coverage. The monthly benefit will not be less than $100.

Supplemental Coverage

Faculty with base annual salary levels between $150,000 and $400,000 may purchase supplemental disability coverage on a payroll deduction basis. The maximum monthly benefit is $20,000 ($7,500 of base benefit plus $12,500 of supplemental coverage). To estimate your monthly premium rate, click on the following link and enter your annual salary:

Supplemental Long-Term Disability (LTD) Calculator

The insurance carrier for this coverage is The Standard Insurance Company.

Application Process

Applications for Long-Term Disability must be completed and returned to the Benefits Planning office for forwarding to the insurance company prior to the six-month elimination period: eligible faculty members should complete Section I of the application and obtain medical information from the appropriate physician(s); the Benefits Planning office will complete the employer's section and forward the application to the insurance company.

NOTE: Applications made after 60 days from date of hire or eligibility will require proof of insurability and approval by the carrier.


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