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OCR Central Campus

433 Temple Street
New Haven, CT 06511
203.436.8086 (fax)

OCR Medical Campus

2 Church Street South
Suite 203
New Haven, CT 06519
203.785.6165 (fax)

Yale Entrepreneurial Institute

55 Whitney, 2nd Floor
New Haven, CT 06510
203.436.8958 (fax)

NOTE (7/19/13): The OCR Medical Campus Office has moved to 2 CSS Ste 203, they are no longer at SHM I-210.


Managing Director

Jon Soderstrom - Managing Director, Office of Cooperative Research


Licensing Professionals

John W. Puziss - Director of Licensing
David A. Lewin - Senior Associate Director, Medical Campus
Hong Peng - Associate Director, Medical Campus
Christopher Unsworth - Associate Director, Medical Campus
Richard L. Andersson - Licensing Associate, Central Campus
Karen L. Francis - Marketing & Licensing Assistant, Medical Campus


New Ventures

Bill Wiesler - Director of New Ventures


Operations Team

Denny Kalenzaga - Director of Finance & Administration
Diane K. Harmon - Director of Intellectual Property Administration
Kevin Mahoney - Assistant Business Manager
DawnMarie Portoff - Licensing Compliance Manager (CT Notary Public)
Yvonne Rafferty - Intellectual Property Manager (CT Notary Public)
Tina Muzzy - Intellectual Property Compliance Associate (CT Notary Public)
Brita Belli - Communications Officer
Connie Rowley - Financial Assistant
Olga Rivera - Operations Coordinator (CT Notary Public)
Ann Hollmann - Administrative Assistant (CT Notary Public)


Yale Entrepreneurial Institute (YEI)

James G. Boyle - Managing Director
Brita Belli - Communications Officer
William Weston Bray III ("Wes") - Lead Venture Mentor
Alena Gribskov - Program Director
Erika Smith - Deputy Director
Kimberly Zaweski - Operations Manager (CT Notary Public)



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