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Disclose an Invention

OCR encourages Yale faculty, employees and students to discuss scientific discoveries and possible inventions with our office as early in the research as practical. Together we can explore important issues such as commercial potential and timing of public disclosures.

There are 2 ways to submit an invention disclosure to OCR:

1. Click on the link, "Disclose An Invention".


2. Download the Word Invention Disclosure Form and email the completed form to tina.muzzy@yale.edu


Online: Please click on "Disclose An Invention" below. Please fill out the invention disclosure form as completely as possible. At the bottom of the form is a submit button. When ready, click the submit button, and the form will be automatically forwarded to our database, and the associates at OCR will be immediately notified of your disclosure by e-mail. There is no need to download the form and mail it to us.

NOTE: In order to access the Invention Disclosure Form, you must be at a computer on the Yale network. If you wish to access the Invention Disclosure Form from outside Yale, you must use a remote connection to the Yale network. Click here for more information on Yale Remote Access.


Word document: If you prefer submitting an Invention Disclosure in word format, please open the file and save it to your computer. Please email the completed Invention Disclosure to Tina Muzzy at tina.muzzy@yale.edu.

View sample invention disclosure form

Disclose an Invention

If you have any questions about the Online Disclosure Form or about the disclosure process more generally, please e-mail Tina Muzzy at tina.muzzy@yale.edu or call her at 436-8097.


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