Current Facilitators

All Fall 2013 SeLF sections are facilitated by former SeLF participants.

Interested in becoming a facilitator? Apply here!

Carolyn Collado, MC '16

Vicky Chou, BK '16
Sarah Eckinger, TC '15
Sarah is an Art and History of Science/Medicine double major from Birmingham, Alabama. She likes barbeque, but can't stand sweet tea. When she isn't spreading the SeLF LOVE, you can probably find Sarah in the darkroom, or working for the Yale Public Health Coaltion.
Devon Fiorino, PC '15
Katie Chockley, SM '14
Katie is double majoring in American Studies and Economics. From Washington, DC, she has led Athletes and Allies, a group for LGBT athletes, and Bridges, a group for queer people of faith. She currently plays rugby and is a peer liaison with the Office of LGBT Resources.
Jamie Feyko, BK '16
Jamie is an undeclared major from Columbus, Ohio. She is an active member of TAPS, Yale's only all-tap dancing group on campus. She's very excited to be a part of SeLF and will tap dance for you whenever you ask--as long as she has her shoes handy. She is also the SeLF Social Media Coodinator.
Erin Maher, SM '14
Erin is a Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies major, so she spends a lot of time talking about this stuff. Fortunately, it never gets old! Erin also spends a good chunk of her time playing percussion in the Yale Concert Band and Yale Bands Percussion Group and serving as Drum Major of the Yale Precision Marching Band. Erin has strong (positive) feelings about Yale Men's Hockey, soy chai lattes, and blue hair dye.
Chris Mulvey, SM '15
Chris Mulvey is an East Asian Studies major in Silliman College. Besides his obvious love for SeLF, he enjoys trying way too hard at C Hoops and watching 90s movies. He is also a member of Danceworks and the Yale Guild of Bookmakers. He is irrationally excited to be a part of SeLF!
Cindy Ok, PC '14
Cindy believes in the underdog: sweet potatoes over regular ones, limes over lemons, and SeLF over...oh wait. There is literally no comparable alternative. So TGISeLF for all our sakes.
Lionel Rodriguez, BR '15
Rebecca Sylvers, MC '15
Harry Vandusen, MC '14
Harry is a molecular, cellular, and developmental biology (MCDB) major from the small suburb of Lynnfield, Massachusetts. He sings with the a cappella group Out of the Blue and he is an active member of Community Health Educators. In his spare time, Harry enjoys chuckling at Youtube videos, learning about sharks, and running all over New Haven. He couldn’t be more excited to help start a meaningful and comprehensive discussion about human sexuality on Yale’s campus!