Our Philosophy and Policies

All financial aid at Yale is need based and this policy helps to ensure that Yale will be accessible to talented students no matter what their resources. There are no athletic or merit based awards. The Financial Aid Office is committed to working with families in determining a fair and reasonable family contribution and will meet the full demonstrated need of every student including international students for all four years.

Fundamental to our commitment to meet full need is the expectation that you and your parents together will assume the initial responsibility for meeting the cost of education.

Who Receives Financial Aid?

  • Applicants from a range of socioeconomic backgrounds may be eligible for need-based aid. We understand that each family has unique circumstances that may warrant consideration for financial assistance.
  • In the 2014–2015 year, just over 50% of all Yale undergraduates received need-based aid from Yale.
  • In the 2014–2015 year, about 50% of all Yale undergraduates worked on campus or with participating nonprofit agencies. For the 2014–2015 year, Yale's minimum pay rate for on-campus employment is set at $12.00 per hour.

How Much Financial Aid is Available?

  • In 2014–2015, the average Yale Scholarship was $42,200. Keep in mind that this is only an average.
  • In 2014–2015, Yale provided $116 million in need-based financial aid.
  • Yale provides undergraduates on financial aid with grant support for summer study abroad and for unpaid summer internships abroad. The level of aid provided by the International Summer Award program is proportional to the generous financial support Yale awards to students during the regular academic year.