Outside Scholarships

Scholarship Searches

While Yale does not award merit-based awards, our students often qualify for merit awards from other organizations. We encourage you to pursue these sources of assistance actively. Potential sources for information are listed on this page. There are also free scholarship search sites on the Internet. Several are listed here for your convenience.

Advice on Applying for Outside Scholarships

Do Your Research

A little time and effort on your part could lead to significant financial assistance for college. The sites listed are an invaluable source of information, but do not neglect to investigate other sources of information, particularly about local scholarships:

  • Visit your school's guidance and/or college counseling office for information on scholarships.
  • Check in with your parents' employer to see if they offer scholarships for children of employees.
  • It may be easier for you to keep track of your scholarship search information if you create a separate e-mail account (use free services such as Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.), such as "samsscholarships@yahoo.com"
  • Make sure you meet all deadlines!
  • Start researching the summer before you apply to college; some scholarships may have deadlines in the fall of your senior year.
  • If letters of recommendation or academic transcripts are required, be sure to give your teachers/counselors/employers plenty of advance notice to prepare a letter.
  • Don’t wait until deadline day!! There are never penalties for submitting early, but you may often lose out if you miss the deadlines by even a day.

Advice for Foreign Students

Some scholarships may be available only to U.S. citizens or permanent residents; however, some scholarship agencies are geared specifically toward supporting foreign students. Please consult the following Web sites for more information about searching for scholarships:

How does Outside Aid such as Scholarships Affect my Aid?

Yale policy allows outside merit scholarships to first reduce your self-help. Additionally, if federal guidelines allow, we will also allow outside scholarships to cover your student income contribution. If the total of your outside awards exceeds your student effort (the total of your self-help and student income contribution), the remainder will replace your Yale Scholarship.

Other Outside Awards

Entitlement awards, or other assistance that is not based on merit, reduces Yale Scholarship dollar for dollar. Examples of such awards include Pell Grants, state grants, Yale Club or Association Scholarships, and tuition benefits and grants from a parent's employer.

Changes in Outside Aid

You must advise us of any new awards by submitting the Outside Scholarship Update Form found under "Forms" on the Continuing Students page or the Newly Admitted Students page.