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Yale Band 1939-1940

Faculty Adviser/Treasurer Stuart H. Clement
Director Charles Smith
President Richard Faust
Drum Major Edward Flickner
Manager John Schull
Assistant Manager James Woolner
Publicity Thomas Keena
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Halftime Shows
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Tim Goslin:
"I think this is the year we went to Ann Arbor, for the Yale Michigan game. They really beat us, with Tom Harmon in their backfield. Our band did not look too hot either alongside the Michigan Band,composed mostly of music majors. I remember what an incredibly fast drum beat they had. They only wanted to give us 5 minutes at half time, but we held out for 7 1/2, and they agreed.

I remember as we marched around the campus the Michigan students stopped to watch. Many of them made comments such as "Where are their pipes? Where are their crew-cuts?" We had a great train ride out and back in coach, and spent the night in a nice hotel in Detroit. I think this was the longest Yale Band trip in years."

Do you have any of the info we're missing? Any stories or pictures from this year that you'd like to share? Please share in the comments!

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