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Guest Policy
Only subscribers may skate at the Basic Skills sessions. Space permitting, MFD sessions are open to qualified skaters who meet these conditions.

  • Guests must be USFS members.
  • The skating level of the guest must be appropriate for the session.
  • Children and adults in the lower levels of the YFSC Basic Skills program may have a lesson during an MFD session, however they must be accompanied by a coach at all times
  • In all cases, the session chair may decide that the skater's level or behavior is not appropriate and not grant the right to skate.
  • Coaches must be pre-approved by YFSC. (See the Coaches page). A guest may bring an approved guest coach only with the approval of the session chair. Such approval is normally granted only during the week before the skater is to take a test at a YFSC test session.
  • Guests must register with the session chair and pay the fee before taking the ice.
  • Full-time Yale students with a student I.D. card and YFSC members receive a discounted guest fee.

Session Member   Student   Non-member

Saturday MFD (1 hour 20 minutes) $24 $12     $26
Saturday MFD (30 minutes) $9 $4.50     $11

Sunday MFD-1* (60 minutes) $ 18 $ 9     $20
*All skaters are expected to be especially cautious; double jumps and fast-moving, high level skating
are not appropriate.

Sunday MFD-2 or 3 (60 minutes) $ 18 $ 9     $20
Sunday add 30 minutes     $9 $ 4.50     $11

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