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Special treat: Photos from the Spring 2013 show can be seen here.
This display is not yet complete; photo credits and more "acts" will appear soon.

Safety note: All Snowplow Sam, Basic 1, Basic 2, and Adult 1 skaters must wear helmets.

Snowplow Sam Lessons:
A half-hour group lesson plus a half-hour of supervised play and practice for children who are 4 or 5 years old. These lessons use teaching techniques that appeal to the very young.
  • Saturday: 9:45am–10:45am   11 weeks, $242
  • Sunday  : 4:00pm–5:00pm     11 weeks, $242

Qualifications: For beginners, ages 4–5. Many preschool children are determined to skate, especially when they see older family members taking lessons. The U.S. Figure Skating Snowplow Sam Curriculum is based on the special needs of preschoolers. Stories and games are used to teach basic coordination and skills. All Snowplow Sam skaters must wear helmets. See the section on clothing and equipment.

Basic Skills Sessions:
Our goals are for skaters to have fun while they learn, and to enjoy the challenge of the sport and the company of other club members.

The U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills program is designed to teach the fundamentals of figure skating to those who have not figure skated before. Very young children belong in the Snowplow Sam groups. Skaters from school age through adult begin by joining a Basic Skills class. Skill levels from beginner to elementary freestyle are supported.
    • Saturday: 9:45am–10:45am   11 weeks, $242
    • Sunday  : 4:00pm–5:00pm     11 weeks, $242
Each session includes a half-hour group lesson plus half an hour of practice time. During the lessons, skaters are divided into groups depending on their age and skill level. All groups are kept small enough so that each skater receives personal attention from the coach. Lessons focus on learning how to move, stop, turn, skate gracefully, and feel confident on the ice. Many skaters take private lessons during the practice time.

Children and youth progress through the Basic Eights curriculum. For adults, there are four levels. Details are contained in the Basic Skills Record Book that skaters receive when they join a session, and also on the Basic 8's pdf file.

Qualifications: Skater must be able to stand on two skates, unaided. Must be at least five years old or have passed Snowplow Sam level 2.

Bridge Lessons:

For advancing skaters. These lessons introduce the fundamental disciplines of figure skating: moves in the field, freestyle, dance, and synchronized skating.

A skater who is nearing completion of the basic levels is ready to begin learning these skating disciplines by joining the Bridge program and/or by arranging for private lessons with a skating coach and enrolling in a combined MFD-session. However these skaters are expected to remain enrolled in a Basic session also, until they complete the Basic Skills program.

A skater who has just completed the basic levels is ready to join a combined MFD-session and arrange for private lessons However, these skaters will also benefit from the group lessons in the Bridge program.

  • Saturday: Lessson at 9:05am–9:35am   11 weeks, $160
    or $77 if added to the MFD session.
  • Sunday: Lessson at 5:10pm–5:40pm   11 weeks, $160
    or $77 if added to MFD1.

A skater who has just completed the basic levels, or who is nearing completion of them, is ready to begin learning one or more of the fundamental disciplines of figure skating. This may be done through group lessons offered in the Bridge program or by arranging for private or small group lessons with a skating coach and enrolling in a combined MFD-session.

Qualifications: Skaters may subscribe to the Bridge lesson while they are working on Basic badges 5 through 8 or Adult 3 or 4. Those who have recently passed badge 8 will also benefit from these lessons.

Ice Dance:
A small-group lesson offered for skaters who have completed Basic 6 and adults who have completed Adult 2. Good stroking and edge control are required.
  • Sunday : Lessson at 5:40pm–6:10pm   11 weeks, $160
    or $77 if added to MFD1

Adult Synchro
A small team lesson offered for skaters over 18 years old who have completed Adult 2 or any USFS test. This team will not compete, but we will perform at club events. This is fun, and we greatly need more members!
  • Sunday : Lessson at 8:00pm–8:30pm   11 weeks, $77 if added to MFD3.

Combined Moves, Freestyle, and Dance (MFD) Sessions
These sessions are intended for skaters working on Moves in the Field, Freestyle, Dance, and Synchro.
  • Saturday : MFD, Session at 8:15am–9:35am   11 weeks, $220
  • Sunday: MFD–1, Session at 5:10pm–6:10pm   11 weeks, $165
  • Sunday: MFD–2, Session at 6:20pm–7:20pm   11 weeks, $165
  • Sunday: MFD–3, Session at 7:30pm–8:30pm   11 weeks, $165

Qualifications: Skaters on the MFD sessions should be able to skate forward and backward with confidence, be comfortable turning front-to-back and back-to-front, and have mastered stopping. They should be experienced enough to feel secure near others who are skating fast and to keep a safe distance from them. The YFSC reserves the right to determine if a skater's abilities are appropriate to the session, regardless of test level.

Synchronized Skating with Team Esprit
Team Esprit, sponsored by the Hamden Figure Skating Association, has several teams for skaters age 7 and above and welcomes YFSC members. Further information is available on Team Esprit's website at www.teamesprit.com.

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Please note: There are no makeup sessions to compensate for absences. Saturday and Sunday sessions are not interchangeable.